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Greetings!  My name is Carol and it is my joy to share my heart with you.  God is a good, good Father, and I hope to convey that Truth to you through my posts and teachings.

I live in breathtaking Colorado with my handsome husband, Jeff.  We are blessed with a son and a daughter, both married with loving spouses, a beautiful granddaughter and three precious grandsons.  I am one happy Granny!

I’ve been on a life-altering journey of the heart with God since January of 2010, and my desire is to share the Truths I’ve learned along the way.  You see, what God does for one, He will do for another – He is no respecter of persons (Romans 2:11).  So as I share my testimonies of healing and deliverance (spirit, body and soul – 1 Thessalonians 5:23), I hope that you embrace the Love of God for yourselves.  I pray that you choose Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior (John 3:16), and then allow Him to guide you into the abundant life that He died to give you (John 10:10)!

The types of posts you will find are: Ponder This – brief, weekly points to ponder and take to The Word for revelation; Teachings – each quarter I will share an in-depth teaching on a specific topic; Stepping Out – a monthly challenge to walk on water with Jesus!  This will be for those that desire to go further with God.  I will not coddle the flesh, and in some cases I may offend the religious spirit that seems to be invading the church.  But what I share will be scriptural, and it will be up to you to seek God for yourselves.  I will also publish occasional posts on random topics that will be found under Recent Posts.

As we should with any teaching or sermon, please take what I share to Holy Spirit and the written Word and ask for clarity.  If I do not have revelation on a topic, I will not teach on it.  But whatever is presented to you in these posts, it is up to you to refer back to The Word for revelation or rejection.  You will note that I will always refer you back to The Word, be it in my posts or in personal correspondence with you.  And if you find that something is not confirmed within your spirit, either place it on a shelf for examination at a later time, or “flush it” if it opposes The Word.  We are to be well aware of what we teach and what we ingest.

I’ve included a link to a short testimony I gave while in school at Charis Bible College.  I will share more details of my healing journey with you throughout my various posts.


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