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“I Didn’t Do It.”

“I Didn’t Do It.”

Beloved, I did not take your loved one away from you.

Nor did I place disease or trauma on them to ‘teach you all a lesson.’  I do not need your loved one in Heaven, for I created angels to do My biding.  I created humans for the unique purpose of relationship with Me, and to bring the lost into My glorious Kingdom!  I do not take from you, but rather I give – I gave you My son Who gives you eternal life, forgiveness, health, deliverance, restoration, wholeness, prosperity and protection for those that believe.

I withhold no good thing from you, and that promise is for now, here on earth.  My Kingdom come, My will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

Jesus is the exact representation of My true nature.  What you have read of Jesus doing, He did it because it was My will.  He healed ALL.  This is My will for you, loved one.  This is always My will for you.

My Word teaches, instructs, corrects and reproves.  NEVER will I use a tool of the enemy to teach or correct you.

Yes, Beloved, you have an enemy that seeks to kill, steal and destroy you.  Open your eyes.  Hear My Word.  You have been identified as Mine, and if you do not become wise in Christ, you will be snared.  And when you are snared, you often blame Me.  Or you cry out, ‘Why don’t You do something???’

I already did.  I gave you My Son.  And My Son gave you power and authority over these fiery darts that the enemy has hurled at you.

So I ask you, ‘When will you do something?  When will you pick up the sword of the spirit, My very Word, and slay the dragon?  When will you pick up the shield of faith and quench these arrows so purposefully aimed to steal your trust in Me?  When will you walk in the power and authority that My Son died to give you?  When will you believe that when I declared ‘all your needs would be met through Christ’ I meant it?  When will you understand that it is finished?  The devil only has a grip on you if you allow it.  You.  I did My part.  Now when will you do yours?

No more blaming Me.  No more begging Me to do something that I already did.

I gave you your weapon.  Pick up your sword and fight.  You are fully armed to conquer a defeated foe!  Now fight!  And live!

I give life abundantly.



That is My will for you, Beloved.”

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