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“I Didn’t Do It.”

"Beloved, I did not take your loved one away from you. Nor did I place disease or trauma on them to 'teach you all a lesson.'  I do not need your loved one in Heaven, for I created angels to do My biding.  I created humans for the unique purpose of relationship with Me, and to bring the lost into My glorious Kingdom!  I do not take from you, but rather I give - I gave you My son Who gives you eternal life, forgiveness, health, deliverance, restoration, wholeness, prosperity and protection for those that believe. I withhold no good…

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Are You Slipping?

Yesterday I went for a walk in my neighborhood, and due to road construction I had to occasionally walk over decorative rocks.  As I did, I would slip ever so slightly until once again I reached the solid foundation of the sidewalk. The solid foundation kept me from slipping. Do you find yourself slipping? Take a look at the photo of all the rocks.  Imagine that each pebble represents someone's opinion.  Let's image that each stone represents a false doctrine.  And each color of the pebble or stone represents the tactic in which the enemy feeds us his varied…

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