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I’m Angry…

I am very angry.  Lately I have been surrounded by those that are heavy burdened with illness, disease and oppression.  Some are even dying.

When did that become the will of God for His children?

When did it become unsound to teach that my Heavenly Father is a good, good Father who wants us well?  When did it become acceptable to declare that God really isn’t all that good?  Because when you say that my Father may not heal me, for He wants to “teach me a lesson” through the pain and suffering or I’m being punished for sin (thought that had been dealt with), what you are really saying is that God is not good.  He’s sadistic.  He’s evil.

What you are doing is describing the characteristics of the devil and attributing it to God.  My Father.  

Stop it.

It is clear in scripture that it is God’s will to heal all every time.  ALL.  EVERY TIME.  That’s you.  Healing is a part of Christ’s atoning work on the cross.

I’m going to do something unusual here.  I am not going to give any scripture to support the previous statement.  If you are interested in God’s will regarding your health and healing, then you can study it for yourself.  I did.  And I am now free of disease.

And if you choose not to study it out, then be quiet, for you have no basis on which you speak other than feelings and experience.  And both can lie.

Because I believe in the goodness of my Father and all that Jesus accomplished on the cross, I have been ridiculed, mocked and told I was of the devil.  Because I believe that my Father is good?  Because I believe His promises to His children?  Odd if you stop to ponder that…

So what the naysayers are saying is this:  if I preached a god that was harsh, uncaring and demanding, I would be correct.  But since I share about the goodness of God and His unfailing love, I’m wrong.  Speaking blasphemies.  Evil.  How bizarre is that?

God is Love.  Love does not put sickness or disease on another.  Love does not put poverty on one.  Nor does is take away from, but rather it builds up – edifies.

Study the scriptures and see for yourself that if you are born again, your eternal life starts now.  As a son or daughter of The Most High King, you have an inheritance.  An inheritance is left for those that are alive…  Just as King David said, “I am sure that I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.”

Study it out.  Discover for yourself what your inheritance is – which was bestowed upon you the moment you said, “I do” to Christ!  Study out the finished work of the cross and LIVE in its freedom!  Know the Word to stand on before you need it.  A crisis is not the time to learn first-aid, nor should it be the time to learn of His promises.  Set your feet on solid ground before the tremors start.

Too many believers are succumbing to the works of satan.  Too many believers are dying before their time.

Beloved, there is more…


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  1. Praise God Carol! Well said sister!! Excellent article. Beautifully written. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hello, Carole! Thank you so much for your encouraging word. God is AWESOME and has been so misrepresented as you know. We must get the word out that He IS a good, GOOD Father! Blessings, sweet sister!

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