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The “Name It & Claim It” Deception

There is an ungodly teaching that has surfaced over the past several years that has had a detrimental effect on believers to this day.  We are warned by Paul that there will be false teachings and doctrines that will tickle our ears and satisfy our flesh (2 Timothy 4:3-4).  In recent years this has been the "Name it and Claim it" deception. The internet is saturated with teachings about declaring what you want and you will have it.  Most include a telephone number or website where you can "sow into your vision" to speed things up.  Sadly, what you are…

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Let’s Talk About Me…Or Not!

Feelings.  Emotions.  Why do we give them such a voice in our lives?  Because if we are honest, often our feelings and emotions take us places that we should not go... Why don't we, as believers, lift the bar higher?  Instead of living out of our flesh, why don't we aspire to live out of our spirit? I shared with you in a previous post, How A Snowball Saved My Soul: A Story of Forgiveness (Part 1), that after several years of abuse I began to hate men.  Hate.  A word I won't even use anymore unless I speak of…

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