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Give and Take…


One of the first revelations I had of God’s goodness towards us was in 2005, when I was in church singing a song that may be familiar to many…

“You give and take away, You give and take away…my heart will choose to say, Lord blessed be Your Name!” 

As I sang this chorus, I heard Holy Spirit say, “Yes, I do give and take away…but not as the world thinks.  I give life and all good gifts, and I take away grief, depression, addiction, bondage, disease…  The world thinks I take away health, jobs, marriages, children and all My good gifts in order to teach them a lesson.  This is the way of man’s reasoning, but it is not My Way…I give LIFE and remove death.”

This was a HUGE revelation to me!  Most of my life I had believed that if God wanted to teach you a lesson, He wouldn’t hesitate to put disease on you or kill your child, steal your finances or destroy your marriage.  Beloved, this is not so!  John 10:10 CLEARLY states that it is satan that kills, steals and destroys, but Jesus GIVES abundant life!

This day I encourage you to ponder these things…has evil been evident in your life?  Did you attribute it to sin in your life, so therefore God must be “teaching you a lesson” by punishing you?  Beloved, search the scriptures for the answer to these questions.  Not man…not experience.  Please search the Word, for there you will find LIFE!


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