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First Some Background…

Good day!

As my first post I thought it best to share a bit about my background and what eventually led me to begin this blog.  Here I will share briefly my testimony and will give greater detail in future posts when applicable.

I am the youngest of six children, born into a loving family with parents that I adored.  I received Jesus as my Savior at nine years old, but not as my Lord, for I had no concept of how to live for and from Him.  I had no discipleship, and had no idea what a “surrendered life” looked like.  I was enrolled in a correspondence course called The Way Of Life, and alone in my room with only Holy Spirit as my guide, I received Jesus.  I had eternal life!

Since I was not surrendered to Christ, I lived my life as I thought best.  I tried to be “good”, but had no framework or power to do so.  So this led to many poor choices along the way.  Because I knew that there had to be more, I looked for it “in all the wrong places.”  Then in my thirtieth year, I allowed myself to become ensnared in new age deception.  Praise God that ten years later in 2004, my husband was obedient to the Voice of God and took our family to church.  Within two weeks I repented of following false doctrine and found that healing had already begun in my heart!  Fast forward to 2010 when I received the baptism of Holy Spirit, and then my life became a supernatural life, full of the power of God!  Just as Jesus declared in Acts 1:8 that the disciples would be His witnesses when the power of Holy Spirit came upon them, that Word is true for us today!

In June of 2017, Holy Spirit said, “Write a blog.”  If you know me, then you will realize that I am the last person interested in starting a blog!  I do not care for technology and the Lord knows this.  When I reminded Him of this (as if He didn’t know – I was just hoping for a way out!) He said, “So use it (technology) for good.  Glorify Me.”

So here I am, being obedient to what Papa has called me to do.  I will share posts and teachings with you, based ONLY on the Word of God.  However, I ask that you ALWAYS confirm what is being shared with The Word.  Holy Spirit is our Teacher and will lead us into ALL Truth (John 16:13).  We never want to assume that what someone is speaking is the Gospel.  We must test the spirit (1 John 4:1) and confirm with The Word.  If The Word does not support the teaching, then we must toss it out as false doctrine (as I tell my close friends – just flush it!).  However, if it’s an area that we haven’t yet received revelation, it does not mean that the teaching is false – only not yet understood.  Holy Spirit can discern that for you if you ask.

I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, and my hope is to share His life giving message with YOU, Beloved!


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